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Louise Marie Cole, CFP®, Retired RN, HDP, BPC®

Louise Marie Cole, CFP®, Retired RN, HDP, BPC®

Heritage Group of Companies Founding Partner

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Louise Marie Cole is a widely respected leader in the Heritage Experience. An experience that establishes nurtures and maintains multi-generational family unity, family growth and family development. Thought of as something that only the wealthy can do with their families, Louise has changed all that. Most of the individual and families that Louise works with have done estate planning and realize that their legal documents do not capture the full breadth of what they wish to pass on to their families. To accomplish their most important goals, and to help them overcome problems associated with inheritance, Louise through The Heritage Experience can create a lasting legacy of family unity, shared vision and continuing prosperity.

Louise’s work begins by enhancing intra-family communication to define and build the family’s human, intellectual and social capital. With collected family stories and wisdom as a foundation, Louise’s multi-generational planning then broadens to encompass philanthropy and estate planning to ensure that the client’s most important assets and values are successfully transferred to the next generation. Louise understands that her clients believe the assets they will leave to their heirs are secondary to their legacy of love and values.


Louise has an impressive background as a businesswoman. She is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Practitioner, a Certified Wealth Consultant (CWC®), a Retired Registered Nurse, and Certified Dementia Practitioner by the National Council of Dementia Practitioners.

She has been quoted in many National and local publications including NY Times, CCH Journal of Retirement Planning, and Private Wealth Magazine. Appeared on CNN and CNBC and FOX. Her accomplishments include President and Chairperson of Central Jersey IAFP; then again as President of NJIAFP, now FPANJ. She also taught the Required Ethics Course for Certified Financial Planners in New Jersey.

Loving local history, she was very active in the Toms River community through service as past Ocean County Historical Association Board Member, Executive Board Member of the Toms River Business Improvement District, Promotions Chairperson, chairing both the Promotions and Chairperson of the New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival, and a member of the Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce and Monmouth-Ocean Development council (MODC). She also served on the Gift Planning Advisory Council (GPAC) for the Philadelphia Zoo.

Louise speaks regularly at a variety of industry conferences, some of which include The Heritage Institute, Financial Planning Association; Association of Fundraising Professionals, and was the keynote speaker at the Planned Giving Council of Greater Pennsylvania.

While in NJ…her Civic Service has included serving on the Monmouth County District Fee Arbitration Committee for 12 years, and the Ocean County New Jersey’s District Ethics Committee.


She proudly volunteered in 2 Soup Kitchens, was Co-Chair of the 1st United Methodist’s outreach program and assisted with Simply Prayer- a drive thru prayer for all.

Though she thought she would retire in North Carolina, she is finding more reasons to do the work she loves.

On Sunday mornings, you can find her smiling face behind the Service desk at Calvary Chapel Wilmington where she proudly worships.

Louise has been married to Bill for over 30 years. They have 3 Children- Jon, Ryan and Bridget and 4 grandboys- Connor, Jack and the twins Ian and Rory.

Their newest addition are 2 rescues-Max and Bruno.

Bill and Louise conduct bible studies in their home and have been known to pass along keyrings that remind people how much they are loved by Jesus.